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Which Oscar Nominated Film Are You?

This year’s Oscar-nominated films seem to have more of a travel theme than usual, so I thought why not condense them into travel styles. Which one are you?

Call Me By Your Name = Italian countryside for a little reading and a lot of love-making


Lady Bird = Staycation because your city is the best, for the moment, until you change your mind again


The Darkest Hour = Sightseeing historical locations in London, preferably while drinking copious amounts of alcohol


Phantom Thread = The posher side of London for high-end shopping and fancy dinners


Dunkirk = Any beach will do, despite the typical hassle (and occasional disaster) beaches entail.


Get Out = Anywhere, as long as it’s not the in-laws


The Post = Washington, D.C. for all things politics


Three Billboards = Road trip through the heartland


The Shape of Water = Loch Ness watching in Scotland


In case you’re curious, I’m a Darkest Hour kind of guy. In fact, I’ve done that style in London several times. Coincidentally, that was also my favorite movie, but I’m a sucker for Churchill. Comment your travel style and/or your favorite movie on my post:

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