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First Class Flyer

Each month, I compile the latest and greatest offers and opportunities from the frequent flyer world. Typically, each newsletter contains anywhere from $25-$250 worth of potential miles and discounts. Some recent articles included instructions to redeem:

  • 5,000 American Airlines miles ($100 value)¬†for a 15-minute solar consultation.
  • 1,000 SPG points ($25 value) for downloading their app.
  • How to get 25% off award flights to Hawaii.
  • How to get free movie tickets on Fridays all summer.
  • 1,000 Southwest miles ($15 value) for taking a 5-minute online survey.
  • 3,000 JetBlue miles ($60 value) for signing-up for Amazon Prime.

Your subscription also entitles you to 1 hour of consulting per month. Please sign-up below to begin your subscription immediately.

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