Conway Travels

Come See the World with Us

What does Conway do? Conway travels, a lot! I recently turned 30 and my wife is her late 20’s, but we’ve already seen more of the world than we had hoped to in 5 lifetimes. And no, I’m not insanely rich. I am, however, very clever.

While working on my master’s degree several years ago, I was also simultaneously beginning to understand and exploit the weaknesses in frequent flyer and award point programs. In a few months’ time, I had figured out the best ways to acquire, transfer, and redeem said points. So my wife and I were off…any and everywhere, flying first-class and staying in many of the world’s best hotels.

Soon after, the questions began to mount from friends and family: how do you travel so much? where do you get the money? will you take me?

And most importantly: can you teach me?

From that question, time and time again, Conway Travels was born.